manufacturing planning services

Preparing to launch a new or updated product?  Need to transform a product concept or prototype into a fully functional production operation?  Or need to add production capacity to an existing operation? Then you need one or more of these Manufacturing Planning Services…

Full “Product concept to production” manufacturing planning services include -

  1. Proposed product business feasibility / engineering economics analysis
  2. Design for manufacturability product design work
  3. Component material specification and sourcing assistance
  4. Production process proposal, worker tasks and allocation
  5. Capital investment / equipment purchasing assistance
  6. Pre-production equipment / process capability validation
  7. Production launch training and assistance
  8. Production capability validation / Line balance adjustments
  9. Product quality and process sustainability validation
  10. Production performance benchmarking

Production Efficiency services

Have an established production operation and want to make it run more efficiently? More reliably? Need to improve the quality of the product coming off the production line? Ready to learn and adopt modern advanced manufacturing practices and philosophies? Then you need one or more of these Production Efficiency Services…

Data driven production advice; Manufacturing focus and or Product design focus -

  1. Current condition evaluation services
  2. Improvement project planning and scope definition, Project justification evaluation
  3. Implementation of production performance data collection systems using latest IoT wireless technology, data collection and analysis tools
  4. Site visits – observation reports, time studies, line balancing
  5. Specification and design of equipment and processes, including flow diagrams and factory layouts.
  6. Development and deployment of Kanban devices to smooth process and material movement, inventory, and warehouse logistics
  7. Process “Job Training” services including documenting process steps and developing sustainable worker training program to ensure quality and consistency in processes.

Equipment Improvement Services

Have old or under-performing production equipment? Want to re-tool or re-purpose existing machines to perform new or different production? Need to “Modernize” old or obsolete machine programming or controls? Then you will need one or more of these Equipment Improvement Services…

Machinery modernization services which may include:

  1. Re-design of machine controls systems (Electric and or Pneumatic)*
  2. Re-design of machine control software – PC-HMI, PLC, Etc.*
  3. Re-tooling and or re-fixturing of existing machines*
  4. Updating / replacing machine service manual and service information

*Note – actual work on equipment to be performed by client staff or by contracted professionals as appropriate, PtoP provides guidance and supervision.

Maintenance dept. training and process development – may include

  1. Developing and implementing preventative maintenance programs
  2. Selection and purchasing of CMMS or other related maintenance management software systems
  3. Developing spare parts supply and management systems
  4. Providing maintenance personnel skills evaluation and training

Services NOT Offered

For a variety of reasons, PtoP does not offer every sort of engineering consulting services, here are few important services better suited to other engineering, consulting, or contracting firms...

  • Electrical wiring or service beyond machine’s supply power disconnect or plug and or building electrical system and or other electrical work restricted by law to licensed contracted electricians.
  • Engineering or analysis of environmental concerns
  • Legal advice as pertains to manufacturing, product design, production processes, or business practices
  • Marketing or sales advice
  • Civil engineering or structure construction advice – may include structural analysis, plumbing design, water run-off and or parking lot / landscape design, zoning or land use regulations, electrical power and distribution.
  • Employee relations / personnel management issues, Union issues

When this type of work is required we will assist customer in acquiring contracted service from an appropriate service provider

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