Equipment Specification and Layout / Set-up

Advanced Manufacturing Training Lab at College of the Siskiyous - Yreka Campus June 20018 to Dec 2018

The curriculum development team at College of the Siskiyous was charged with the task of developing a manufacturing course that will train up the next generation of vocational workers with the commendable goal of rebuilding American manufacturing “Know How”

To accomplish this task with confidence CoS has asked Product to Production to help them develop a machine list and layout for their new training facility.

At this point in this ongoing 6 month project we are setting up the equipment and organizing the tools. Earlier, over 400 tools and machines including several modern CNC mills and lathes, were selected, order, and received. Starting from scratch is a great opportunity to design and implement good habits and sustainable practices like Kanban and thorough maintenance and training SOPS.

Below is the opinion of the current Director of the campus on working with Aaron and Product To Production…

“Aaron has done an incredible job planning, designing, and setting up our Advanced Manufacturing facility. From CNC machines to manual lathes and mills, Aaron’s ability to listen to our needs then come through with a unique layout and comprehensive system that supports our educational approach has been wonderful. He takes charge, communicates well and completes his responsibilities. It has been enjoyable as well as a relief for me to work with Aaron knowing that he has everything under control. The final product is going to be fantastic for years to come.”

Mark Klever
College of the Siskiyous
Yreka Campus – Interim Director

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