Our Winning Approach

Product To Production (PtoP) pursues a holistic approach to production improvement; balancing the ideals of lean manufacturing (one piece flow) with the realities of production scheduling, material cost and contribution, labor and skills availability and other factors to arrive at the overall best production system that can be implemented at the time. PtoP also promotes modern manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement philosophies with an underlying emphasis on long term investments and strategies to sustain and improve production capabilities for many years to come.

Our Values

Product To Production's business philosophy and strategy is based on these simple but important values…


Customer service  ~  Communication  ~  Honesty  ~  Integrity ~  Professionalism  ~  Respect  ~  Persistence


Customer service – under all circumstances, striving to meet the customer’s needs is the most important value and goal. To achieve this, it is imperative that PtoP fully understands the customers needs and to do this we must have excellent communication with our clients. It is also imperative to the success of PtoP that all interactions with the customer must be solid examples of professionalism, respect, integrity and honesty. The key force that will ensure PtoP’s work is correct and complete and timely is persistence.

Product To Production strongly believes that fully understanding the details of the client’s needs, limitations, and production environment is essential in delivering excellent service, and it this only through accurate and thorough communication that this “whole picture” ideal can be achieved.  That is why we utilizes a variety of modern on-line tools such as web conferencing and cloud-based file share to effectively communicate with clients.

Mr. Wood understands the value of good ideas and the importance of protecting them which is why PtoP maintains strict confidentiality practices and protect clients’ intellectual property, product design, and production process details. Ideas or design details offered by PtoP for improvement on any part of a client’s project will come from a general pool of understanding and best practices collected from a variety of industries and prior experience, never directly from a possible competitor within the same realm of industry.

Product To Production is very focused on safety and always considers the implications of safety and ergonomics of each process step and action.  It should be noted that in all his years of service, Mr. Wood’s work has never had any safety issue or injury occur on any equipment or process deployed.

Mr. Wood greatly appreciates and values the benefits of solid working relationships with repeat clients and encourages repeated work by offering preferred pricing incentives for repeat clients in good standing. “Only through teamwork can the best results be achieved.”

Meet the Man

Aaron Wood

Founder & Lead Consultant

Aaron Wood, owner and lead consultant for Product to Production, is an eighteen-year veteran of manufacturing in the fenestration (window) industry.

His work experience has been diverse over the years, he has served in product design with focus on design for manufacturability, as a capital investment and equipment project manager, as a process improvement leader and as an equipment service and sustainability expert.

As an equipment and manufacturing process project manager Mr. Wood has developed entire production processes for various windows product lines, where he designed, built or purchased, deployed and otherwise serviced numerous automated and manual machines, tooling, fixturing across a variety of machine types. Significant automated machine types he has become an expert with include processer saws, sealant application machines, vinyl window welding machines, automated routers / cleaners and stapling / nailing machines. Mr. Wood has also worked with and designed numerous semi-automated machines like gang drills, router and saw stations, punching machines, and even glue mixers, painting machines, and packaging machines.

Mr. Wood has experience in process flow evaluation and planning, he has done line balancing and material presentation streamlining and worked on various projects involving material and finished goods storage, presentation, and utilization. Mr. Wood has even relocated entire factories and oversaw the development and implementation of all infrastructure and process flow involved.

Mr. Wood graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelorette of science degree in Manufacturing Engineering in 2001.

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