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Many small manufacturing companies exist in the USA and while all of these companies face the same unceasing challenge of getting the most out of their manufacturing efforts, not all of these companies can afford to support manufacturing process development or continuous improve-ment staff full time. This is where Product To Production steps in to help, because all manufacturing operations benefit from these services from time to time.

Product To Production is a consulting and contract service firm that specializes in assisting manufacturing companies of all sizes in creating or improving manufacturing systems.

As the name implies, Product To Production offers a wide variety of services along the product design and development to product manufacturing path along with many other important services related to improving your manufacturing operations. Please visit the Services page to explore all the various services offered.


Discussing plans

manufacturing planning services

Preparing to launch a new or updated product?  Need to transform a product concept or prototype into a fully functional production operation?  Or need to add production capacity to an existing operation? Then you need one or more of these Manufacturing Planning Services...

Production Efficiency services

Have an established production operation and want to make it run more efficiently? More reliably? Need to improve the quality of the product coming off the production line? Ready to learn and adopt modern advanced manufacturing practices and philosophies? Then you need one or more of these Production Efficiency Services...

Manufacturing equipment improvement services

Have old or under-performing production equipment? Want to re-tool or re-purpose existing machines to perform new or different production? Need to "Modernize" old or obsolete machine programming or controls? Then you will need one or more of these Equipment Improvement Services...

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